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You Are Living in Historic Times. Record It!

11/24/20 | 1 min read

Wouldn’t you love to hear an ancestor talk about sailing on the Titanic, fighting in the trenches during World War I, or being part of some other historic event?

Well, guess what—you are living through a historic event right now! Your future family members will love to listen your stories about the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

So today, record yourself talking about your experiences using the FamilySearch Memories app (available for iOS or Android). Find the microphone icon on the menu bar at the top. Or click the green add button and then select “Record Audio.”

Some things you could talk about:

  • Where you were when you first heard about COVID-19
  • What school was like during the pandemic
  • Something about life that got more difficult
  • Something about life that got better
  • What you’ve learned from these experiences

Give details! Paint a picture! Imagine an audience 100 years in the future. Your future family will love it.

Download the App

Click one of the links above or visit the app store to get FamilySearch Memories.