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    Youth Voices: We Stand in Holy Places

    Youth share what helps them to stand in holy places.

    This year’s Mutual theme is “stand ye in holy places and be not moved” (see D&C 87:8). As you live righteously and keep the commandments, you can stand in holy places in many surroundings, such as in your home, at church, at the temple, or “anywhere you are where the Spirit is present” (Elaine S. Dalton, “Holy Places in Your Life,” New Era, Jan. 2013, 7).

    Check out what the youth below have said about what helps them stand in holy places. Then learn how you can submit your own photo and text.

    “Attending Mutual helps me stay focused and close to the gospel in so many ways. It helps me fight temptation and reminds me of the gospel while incorporating fun. Mutual always leaves me with a spiritual message that strengthens my testimony.”

    Edgar C., New York, USA

    “Standing in holy places means that I must carefully choose how I spend my free time, which friends I hang out with, and what things I think about. When I remember that I can have the companionship of the Holy Spirit and be worthy of my duties as a priesthood holder, it helps me be obedient.”

    Chase H., Washington, USA

    “Preparing for church and attending Sunday meetings help me to stand in holy places because they help me understand I’m meant to be in the world and not of the world. It brings the Spirit into my life when I know I’m preparing to enter a place where God is.”

    Anna G., Washington, USA

    “Standing in holy places means surrounding yourself with good people, especially good friends, and always doing the important things, like reading the scriptures and praying. When we are standing in holy places, we are letting God into our lives, and then He can really help us during the hard times.”

    Jacob P., Utah, USA

    “When I go to the temple, I feel a little bit of pure awe that sticks deep in my heart and keeps my mind focused on the gospel. That feeling sticks with me and helps me keep on the right track and practice good habits that will keep me going strong.”

    Kinsey S., New York, USA

    “Sunday meetings put me in the mindset for doing the right thing so I can be righteous in my everyday life and make the right decisions.”

    Jacob G., Washington, USA

    “To me, standing in holy places involves living the standards each day. I can be an example to my friends and my family in all that I do.”

    Kira N., Utah, USA

    “Service helps me gain a different perspective by showing me all of my blessings as well as what I can give to others. It’s a way for me to be in a holy place, take Christ’s name upon me, and be an example everywhere I go.”

    Tanner A., Utah, USA

    “I know that I am standing in a holy place when the Spirit can be felt, whether that be when I’m with a group of family or friends or even when I’m standing alone. As soon as I can feel the Spirit slipping away and I have an unsettling pit in my stomach, I know I must leave and seek for a higher and holier place.”

    Hannah H., Washington, USA

    “Mutual is a holy place because I have the opportunity to bond and have a great time with my fellow quorum members.”

    Jarrett A., Utah, USA

    “For me standing in holy places means more then just choosing the right places to be. It means choosing the right friends who uphold our standards together. When I do this, the Holy Ghost can constantly be with me.”

    Ashley Y., Washington, USA

    “There cannot be a holy place without the hand of God. I want to be in holy places because they are just that—holy. One way to create a holy place is by serving. Service makes an impact on lives like nothing else can. I do it because it really makes a difference and helps people.”

    Isaac D., New York, USA


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