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    Youth Remember President Monson

    What did teenagers have to say about President Thomas S. Monson?

    Our beloved prophet, President Thomas Spencer Monson, passed away on January 2, 2018, at the age of 90. Many people have shared their love and favorite moments with the prophet, and we asked you to tell us your favorite memories of President Thomas S. Monson, too.

    The youth of the Church loved President Monson. Here are what teenagers from around the world had to say about him.

    “I will never forget his witty personality and how personable he was!! I loved when he got up in conference a few sessions ago and started with, ‘Hi!’” —recordgirl3, on Instagram

    “Ah! I loved when he told the story about the little boy ‘following the prophet’ when he wiggled his ears. He was such a gentle man with such a good humor. He loved the children and youth so much, too.” —Camsclark, on Instagram

    “My favorite memory of President Monson has to be the feeling of reverence and awe that filled the room when he entered it.” —Amy_m037, on Instagram

    Art of President Monson

    Tad J., 16 from Utah, USA, painted this picture of President Monson.

    “I love that his favorite color was yellow! I love yellow too, and every time I go to Temple Square, I wear my favorite yellow dress. But my favorite memory was how he praised his mother and his wife during and after their time here on earth. I am so happy he now gets to be with them again.” —Angelique_heaton, on Instagram

    “I love all his talks, but my favorite one of all was ‘Dare to Stand Alone.’ This is one of my favorite talks because I can relate to it a lot. I live in California and there are not many Mormons here, but President Thomas S. Monson reminded me that I can have the strength to stand up for what is right.” —Oceanic.slimee, on Instagram

    “I always loved listening to his talks in General Conference.” —Mr_connor.g, on Instagram

    “When he told his little stories they made me laugh and cry.” —Jcarter_03_, on Instagram

    “At general women’s conference he was blowing people kisses. It was so sweet.” —Kelsiedalton, on Instagram.

    “I loved going to primary and reading stories about him as a kid! He had so many examples in his life where he would put others first, even though he didn’t have a lot himself. I want to strive to be like him!” —Mariakanenwisher, on Instagram

    Painting of a temple

    Melanie T., 17, from Pennsylvania, USA, used this quote on her painting of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple.

    “My favorite memory of President Monson isn’t so much something specific, but simply his wonderful sense of humor. He was always full of love and had a contagious smile. I can’t wait to see him again.” —Writing_inspiration, on Instagram

    “My favorite memory of Thomas S. Monson was when he was speaking on a topic to the youth. He said he heard teens being called, ‘terrible teens,’ and he said that he liked to call us, ‘terrific teens!’” —Brooke.e.richey, on Instagram

    “I love how he was so relatable. He always told stories that I could relate to or that I could see myself or my siblings doing and I really loved that about him. He was always so happy and smiling and I feel like he really did love me and every single person individually.” —Jess_the_best_muggle_ever, on Instagram

    “My favorite memory was when he talked about the Book of Mormon. After following his counsel I am much happier and I have a greater testimony.” —Lucyskydiamond24, on Instagram


    Jayde M., 16, Utah, USA, drew this beautiful quote from President Monson so she can share his words with people she loves.

    When he talked about his experiences in the army when he was young, and taught us that if necessary, being alone is much better than being with bad influences that may remove us from the right path. Here where I live in Natal, Brazil, his testimony has been an excellent way to keep our strength and faith in the gospel.” —Jonathanolli, on Instagram

    “I loved how President Monson was always serving—not just because he had to as prophet, but because he had so much faith and love for us. He taught us to not be afraid to stand alone.” —Megan_ella_stone, on Instagram

    His wildfire talk was the first moment I remember him. Such an amazing speaker with a great spirit to follow.” —B.r.e.n.n.a.n_, on Instagram.

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