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    Celebrate by Journaling

    How do you write about your experiences at camp? Maybe you could try drawing pictures as these early campers did.

    During a week at camp, young ladies would write about their experiences. Irene and Norma Winther attended Brighton Camp in Utah. They wrote pictorial journal entries, dated July 19—July 24, 1932.

    Can you decipher this message?


    Here are the first two sentences to get you started:

    “This morning after the usual unpacking, dressing, and washing, we hiked to Mary, Martha, Katherine and the Dog Lakes. Our leader pointed out all the pretty flowers and points of interest and held us in ecstasies all the while. …”

    You might try writing your own picture journal or letter. What are some other creative ways to keep a journal of camp?

    Download a printable PDF of this article, which includes a couple other entries to decipher.

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