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    You Can Increase Your Desire to Follow the Savior

    Chase G., Utah, USA

    … When you follow God’s will.

    My brother is a big role model for me, so when he decided he wanted to serve a mission, I decided I was also going to take action to strengthen my own testimony to help him prepare. I started reading my scriptures more and paying more attention in church. It’s helped me so much, and I’ve been able to gain a testimony.

    I now know the Church is true. Reading my scriptures every night has also made my days better and has made me want to read more and pray more to continue strengthening my testimony.

    What other blessings can come when you follow God’s will?

    1. You can find answers to questions.
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    2. You can find strength to stand for what’s right even when it’s not popular.
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    3. You can feel peace in making decisions.
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    4. You can find an appreciation for the opportunities that God has given you to grow.
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    5. You’ll find that the Lord has better things in store for you.
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