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    You Can Find Answers to Questions

    Kade M., Hawaii, USA

    … When you follow God’s will.

    One day I realized that I wasn’t reading my scriptures or doing some of the things I should be doing. I wasn’t being a good example to my brother and sister. So I decided to talk to my parents and my bishop about what was going on, to pray in the morning and at night, and to read my scriptures. Sometimes I would pray to find answers to my questions through the scriptures.

    One morning, I prayed to have my eyes opened to something that I needed to know. I opened to Alma 38, where Alma is giving his son advice about things that you should and should not do. That really helped me out. This experience changed me because it opened my eyes to how much God loves us. Doing what God wants me to do in the little things each day—including praying and reading my scriptures—helped me find these blessings.

    What other blessings can come when you follow God’s will?

    1. You can find strength to stand for what’s right even when it’s not popular.
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    2. You can increase your desire to follow the Savior.
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    3. You can feel peace in making decisions.
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    4. You can find an appreciation for the opportunities that God has given you to grow.
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    5. You’ll find that the Lord has better things in store for you.
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