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    YOLO? Try YALF!

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    You are living for something better than just the moment. Don’t risk it!

    You’ve probably heard someone say “YOLO!” before. If you live with someone older than 40, you’ve probably had to explain what it stands for (“You Only Live Once”). You might have said it yourself a few times.


    Should I really eat this entire box of giant bacon-covered donuts? YOLO!

    Can I ride my skateboard down this giant staircase? YOLO!

    Should I really kiss this rattlesnake? YOLO!

    Can I walk past 15 hungry alligators? YOLO!

    You might be shaking your head and thinking, “YOLO is SO old.” And you know what? You’re right. But just how old?

    Take a look at Isaiah 22:13. Even way back in Isaiah’s day, people were saying “Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.” Maybe if they had internet in ancient Jerusalem, they would’ve used #FTWD (For Tomorrow We Die). And they’d be using it to justify all kinds of bad things.


    YOLO comes in many forms. Besides “you only live once” and “for tomorrow we die,” there’s also:

    • Live for the moment.
    • Live like there’s no tomorrow.

    It’s all about doing whatever you want and ignoring the consequences. The idea is you better do it now, because you only live once.

    But you know that’s not true! It’s great to let go of fear and enjoy the present and be grateful for every moment you have, but remember that you DON’T only live once. You’ll actually live forever. (YALF may not be as fun to yell, but living eternally is a lot better than living once.)

    5 Ways to Live for the Future

    I am persuaded that your future will be beyond your dreams if you observe the following:

    1. Do not live on the edge.

    2. Avoid not only evil, but even the appearance of evil.

    3. Follow the counsel of Lehi to act for yourselves and not be acted upon.

    4. Seek first the kingdom of God and receive the great promise that all else will be added upon you.

    5. Follow the counsel of Church leaders.

    President James E. Faust (1920–2007)

    This life is only one part of your existence, but it’s a pretty significant part. (Check out the music video “This Life.”) This is the time to prepare to meet God! (See Alma 34:32.) That means you’re not living for the moment. You’re living for the future. You’re living for eternity. Think about the covenants you made at baptism and the covenants you will make in the temple. Each covenant and ordinance is there to point you to Christ and bring you closer to an eternity with Him, Heavenly Father, and your family. (Read “Your Covenant Path.”) Each commandment you keep is a building block to becoming more like Christ.

    There IS a tomorrow. Consequences DO matter. The choices you make today determine your destiny tomorrow and forever.

    Don’t let one moment trip you up. You’re living for something better than just the moment. You’re living for eternity. And if you follow Christ, it will be glorious.

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