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    What Were You Born to Do?

    Alex Hugie

    Each of us has been given special missions to fulfill in this life, and if we can imagine how strong we were in the premortal world, we can understand why.

    Do you ever compare yourself to others? Do you ever wish you were as smart or as athletic or as funny as someone else? Do you ever feel like a crooked tree in a forest full of tall and straight ones?


    Well, during the Worldwide Youth Devotional on June 3, 2018, Sister Wendy Nelson admitted that she often felt like that too but that it was “time to stop comparing ourselves to others!” These kinds of comparisons just don’t make sense, because the truth is that “other people are not as perfect as they appear, and we are not as hopelessly flawed as we may think!” (Watch “Am I Good Enough?”)

    In fact, the only thing that matters is fulfilling the work we were sent to this earth to do. And that has nothing to do with how any part of ourselves—looks, circumstances, accomplishments, or even mistakes—compares to others.

    “Just imagine if you could gaze for 10 minutes at your premortal life!” Sister Nelson said. How incredible would that be? If we could see how spiritually strong we were back then, all of us “would have the increased power, increased commitment, and eternal perspective to help [us] overcome any and all of [our] confusion, doubts, struggles, and problems.” What a comforting thought!

    So knowing that we made a lot of good choices before we were born, what does that mean for us in this life? It means that God has seen how strong we’re capable of being, and because of that, He’s trusted us with important missions here on earth. And just what are those missions? Sister Nelson gives us five:



    1. Receive a mortal body. In order for us to become like God, our spirits have to enter a physical form. This one’s easy—because we’ve already done it!
    2. Be tested, often involving bodily passions and appetites. Though God gave us our bodies, He knew we would have to learn to control them. Sometimes, we’ll be tempted to put our own wants and desires above God’s commandments. That can include all kinds of things, like holding on to negative feelings toward other people, having unchaste thoughts and actions, or even just feeling too tired to go to church. But God has promised we can conquer these temptations by “[putting] off the natural man and [becoming] a saint through the atonement of Christ” (Mosiah 3:19).
    3. Choose to follow Jesus Christ and stand up for Him. We were also sent here because Christ trusts us to represent Him. We could never succeed in all of life’s tests on our own. But if we keep our promise to take His name upon us and try our best to live His teachings, He will help us return home. He gives us hope! (Read “5 Ways Jesus Can Help You Get through Anything.”)
    4. Repent daily and partake of the sacrament weekly. To rely on Christ in our lives, we’re asked to continue repenting of our sins. (Read “How to Really Repent.”) When we do this and renew our covenants with God through the sacrament each week, Christ not only makes us clean, but He strengthens us so that we can become more like Him! (Read “6 Ways to Become More Like Christ during the Sacrament.”)
    5. Find and fulfill your missions. We’ve each been sent to earth not only with commandments to keep, but with specific people God wants us to touch, specific talents He wants us to use, and specific building blocks for us to add to the Lord’s kingdom. Sister Nelson asked us, “Will we choose to do whatever it takes?”

    Think about what you must have been like in the premortal world. Consider the great missions God gave you to do in this life. Which part of Sister Nelson’s list do you feel like you have the hardest time with? What can you do to fulfill that mission better? Decide now what you’re going to do to enlist in the gathering of Israel.

    “There has never been a time like this in the history of the world,” Sister Nelson said. “Premortally, you and I committed to do a great work while we are here on earth. And with the Lord’s help, we will do it!” (Watch or read the full broadcast.)

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