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    What Did You Hear at General Conference? What Will You Do?

    We asked youth from around the world what they learned and what they’re doing differently because of it.

    Ryan W.

    Ryan W., 15, Minnesota, USA

    At general conference, I noticed that several speakers described the importance of being kind, helping, and serving others. Additionally, as many of the speakers described how God has specific plans for each of us, I realized that God will present me with opportunities to serve those around me. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to learn to better recognize any promptings I will receive. I am confident that as I try to focus on others, the Lord will magnify my efforts and ultimately bless my life.

    About: Third-youngest in his family; enjoys running cross country, swimming, and playing tennis; plays the string bass; recently earned his Eagle Scout award; wants to serve a mission and get a degree in math or science

    Emily Y.

    Emily Y., 15, Pichincha, Ecuador

    Listening to general conference confirmed to me that I have divine potential. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me and will help me in difficult times, that I can grow spiritually because of my faith, and that I can follow the path prepared for me with love for God and His children. I want to strengthen myself so that Jesus Christ can fill my heart, help me, and heal me from my wounds. I know that His purpose is to bring us eternal happiness and that this also depends on how I live.

    About: Has a twin sister; likes reading romance and fantasy books; has participated in journalism club; sings in the stake choir

    Vicente A.

    Vicente A., 16, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

    This general conference strengthened me with a desire to follow the gospel path of Jesus Christ. It helped me know and understand that this is the true Church, which brings us light and happiness. The talks that impressed me most were by Elder David F. Evans, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Sister Jean B. Bingham. I felt them invite me to grow each day and to read the Book of Mormon to gain a strong testimony of the gospel. I believe that my Heavenly Father wanted me to listen to these inspired messages.

    About: Oldest of four siblings; likes playing video games, listening to music, and playing soccer; participates in theater; wants to serve a mission

    Tori S.

    Tori S., 14, Minnesota, USA

    Before conference, I made a goal to find a way to become a better person. In his talk, Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “God will use you to make the lives of others better.” It made me think about all the times I brushed away the Spirit when it was telling me to go talk to someone. I just couldn’t muster up the courage in the moment, but I could’ve helped someone feel better or made their day. Conference made me realize even more that God knows us and always has our backs.

    About: Oldest of four siblings; loves science, especially anything weather related; plays soccer; plays French horn and trumpet in band; loves reading

    Isaak R.

    Isaak R., 13, Pichincha, Ecuador

    Before conference I had two questions: (1) How can I keep a good attitude and help my friends when they make bad decisions? And (2) How can I testify of the Church without them making fun of me? During conference, the Spirit testified to me that I am not alone. Now I know that by studying the scriptures with all my heart I will receive answers to my questions about my friends. I know that my Father listens to my prayers, and I will strive to be better each day.

    About: Only child; likes to play piano, skate, play soccer, do judo, swim, sing, and make candies; wants to be a doctor; favorite color is green

    Diego L.

    Diego L., 16, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

    I was struck by Elder Cook’s talk. He said that we need to be humble, overcome our feelings of resentment, and forgive others as many times as Heavenly Father forgives us. I also noticed that a lot of speakers talked about studying the Book of Mormon. Because of this, I have made two goals: (1) to become a more humble person, and (2) to read the Book of Mormon because even though I was born into the Church, I’ve never read it. I am grateful our leaders are concerned enough to teach us about these important things.

    About: Middle child; loves watching wrestling, playing sports, walking on stilts, and going to the mountains

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