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    There’s a New Conference Section in the New Era

    Looking for a new way to study conference messages? The New Era can help!

    There’s something different about the conference section in the May 2017 New Era. There’s more space for you to write down the impressions you feel or answers you receive as you study and review the general conference messages.

    “This new design is intended to help youth not only listen to but also remember and apply the principles taught in the messages of general conference,” said Jeanette Andrews, art director of the New Era. Basically, there are lots of new features you don’t want to miss.

    For example:

    • Photos of youth from all over the world

    Conference is a worldwide experience, and youth around the world share what they learned from conference and what they’re doing differently because of it.

    • Talk summaries

    Read summaries of the messages from the First Presidency. There are also one-sentence summaries of messages from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles with space for you to record what you learned from their messages and what you felt inspired to do. There’s another section that asks, “What did the Spirit prompt me to work on?” and “How will I work on it?” with space for notes. (What inspired you? Tell us about it!)

    • FAQ

    Questions? Check out the list of frequently asked questions from the Face to Face broadcasts, followed by answers to those questions given during general conference.

    • Messages just for you!

    Messages directed specifically to youth are quoted and listed together in one place.

    • Quotes, quotes, quotes!

    A collection of memorable quotes and photos is presented across two pages. There’s even a huge two-page poster with a powerful quote from President Thomas S. Monson.

    • Your next screen saver

    Screen savers for smart phones (based on general conference quotes) are shown, with instructions about where to download them.

    • A topical guide—just for conference

    You can use a by-topic guide in your conference-based gospel study. (Check out “5 Ways to Personalize Your Gospel Study” for more ideas.)

    • Trivia anyone?

    Love fun facts? Think you can match the lyrics with the hymns they’re from? Decipher a conference quote? How about complete a conference crossword puzzle? There’s even a page with trivia, games, and activities!

    “In each general conference section, editors and designers include messages that have been directed to youth or that answer questions frequently posed by youth of the Church,” explained Ryan Jensen, managing editor of the New Era. “Those messages are then designed in different ways to help youth remember what they heard and apply those messages to the challenges they face as teenagers.”

    Once complete, the 24-page conference section of the New Era is combined with other articles and content to create the complete May issue (and following October general conference, the November issue) of the magazine.

    The first New Era conference section, “General Conference Is for You,” was published in November 2009, in response to a question posed several months earlier by Elder Monte J. Brough (1939–2011), who was at that time an adviser to the magazine. “Isn’t there some way to include general conference in the youth magazine?” he asked.

    The New Era general conference sections published each May and November ever since would indicate that the answer to his question has become a resounding “Yes!”

    Check out the conference section of the May 2017 New Era at

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