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    The 30-Day “I Love You” Challenge

    Bethany Bartholomew Church Magazines

    Thirty days. Thirty ways to say “I love you” to your family.

    How often do you say, “I love you”? Can you say it more? (The answer is always YES!) It can be easy to forget those simple words, but saying them out loud and showing that love to your family can make a big difference.

    How can showing love strengthen your family? Try it out! Here’s a challenge for you: for 30 days, find a way to say “I love you” to your family each day.

    If you need ideas, here are 30 ways you can show your family you love them. Try a different idea each day. Or pick one, two, or a few you specifically want to turn into a regular habit, and work on those. You can even scrap this list and make a completely different list of ways you want to say “I love you” that’s unique to your family. The key is to intentionally show love for 30 days. After 30 days, you can share your experience in the comments below!

    1. Give a family member a hug unexpectedly.

    2. Write down positive things about your siblings in your journal, and say at least one of them out loud to each of them.

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    3. Do something your brother or sister likes you to do with them, even if you don’t like it.

    4. Put away the dishes after dinner—without being asked.

    5. Read a story to your younger sibling.

    6. Surprise a sibling by doing his or her least favorite chore. Better yet, do it together!

    7. Let your sister or brother sit in the front seat of the car—and tell them why.

    8. Cheer on a sibling at a sports event or bring flowers or a personalized note to say congratulations at their music or dance recital.

    9. Take a sibling out for lunch or ice cream or even just make them a snack after school.

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    10. Let your sibling borrow your favorite shirt.

    11. Sit down and talk with your family members just to chat. Share stories about your favorite memories and ask your parents or grandparents to share stories about their lives. (You could even record audio to post in the Memories section of!)

    12. Exercise with your family. (Check out “40 Ways to Be Physically Active.”)

    13. Teach a sibling a new skill—anything from family history to sports to how to tie a shoe.

    14. Let your sister or brother pick out the movie for a family night.

    15. Tell your parents about how your date went. (If this feels awkward, check out “How to Talk to Your Parents.”)

    16. Bake a treat or cook a meal with your family.

    17. Babysit your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, or cousins.

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    18. Plan an entire family home evening (with your parents’ permission).

    19. Let your siblings hang out with you and your friends.

    20. Take pictures of your siblings doing their favorite hobbies and make a photo collage for them. (Take it a step farther and use those pictures to stand up for families.)

    21. Share some family names you’ve found with your family, and go to the temple together to do the work for those ancestors.

    22. If you drive, offer to give your siblings a ride somewhere.

    23. Call a grandparent or distant family member just to chat. (Check out the video #MeetMyGrandma to see what youth learned about their grandparents.)

    24. Bring home a flower for your mom.

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    25. Compile a music playlist of a family member’s favorite music. (Don’t forget that you can download the 2016 Mutual theme album for free.)

    26. Pray for specific family members and their needs during family and individual prayer.

    27. Help siblings with homework.

    28. Work with your siblings on a top-secret surprise project to help Mom and Dad with something.

    29. Talk positively about your parents and siblings to others.

    30. Actually say “I love you!”

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