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    Sharing the Gospel 101

    Check out this crash course on how to be a missionary.

    Sharing the gospel can sound intimidating—so let’s break it down to the basics. These eight principles will help you get started.

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    Know Your Purpose

    Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really is awesome. There are so many blessings and joyful things that come from our membership. Because of the great joy of the gospel, each of us can and should share that joy with others.

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    Live the Gospel

    What does a missionary look like? Find out by looking in a mirror. Although you may not always think of it that way, simply by living the gospel, you’re being a missionary. Read about how four high school students living the gospel in Arizona changed one young man’s life forever.

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    Obtain His Word

    Being prepared to share the gospel means you know the gospel. The Lord doesn’t ask you to become a scholar, but He does want you to be prepared to teach and defend His gospel. That’s why we’re reminded to “feast upon the words of Christ,” because “the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do” (2 Nephi 32:3).

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    Have Courage

    It takes courage to share the gospel with a stranger. Just ask a new full-time missionary. Sometimes it takes even more courage to ask your friends if they’d like to know about the Church, the Book of Mormon, or our beliefs. The duty to share the gospel belongs to all members of the Church—including you. So be brave and let the Lord bless your efforts.

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    Extend Invitations

    If you want to share the gospel but are nervous or aren’t sure how to do it, try these 11 easy ways to share the gospel in everyday conversations. Sharing the gospel is more than just inviting your friends to meet with the missionaries. That’s a great idea, but there are so many other things you can do to “invite others to come unto Christ” (Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service [2004], 1).

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    Follow Up

    After inviting, the next step is to follow up. When you follow up after inviting others to learn about your beliefs, you’re showing that you care about their happiness. They’ll sense your sincere desire to help, and they’ll feel comfortable asking you more questions in the future. Learn more in Elder Ballard’s talk “Following Up.”

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    Remember, It’s Their Choice

    As you invite others to learn about the gospel, it’s important to realize that they have agency to choose whether or not to accept your invitation. Your success is not measured by their response; it is measured by your commitment to share.

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    Don’t Judge Who Is Ready

    You never know who is ready to receive the gospel, so don’t be afraid to share. What’s more, don’t be too quick to judge who is ready and who is not. You might just be surprised whose heart has been softened, even if that interest is hidden deep down where you can’t see it.

    Read more about these eight missionary principles in the March 2015 New Era.

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