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    New Music Spotlight: When the Time Is Right

    “When the Time Is Right” is just one song from the 2016 Mutual theme album!

    Stream the album on the youth music player or on Spotify.

    When Brynleigh Kinne’s father lost his job and her grandma became ill, she and her family prayed earnestly for help. But Brynleigh’s grandma passed away and her father was jobless for two years. Her mother had to pick up an extra job, and everyone had more to do to help out around the house.

    “God doesn’t always answer our prayers how or when we want, but He will always answer them.”

    “It was really frustrating at times, but we kept praying as a family and we had faith that it would all work out,” Brynleigh said.

    Her prayers weren’t answered the way she would have liked, but from this experience, Brynleigh learned a powerful lesson: “I learned that it’s not about our timing; it’s about the Lord’s timing. If we don’t have an answer, we have to move forward in faith and everything will work out.”

    And that’s exactly what her song, “When the Time Is Right,” is about.

    “God doesn’t always answer our prayers how or when we want, but He will always answer them,” Brynleigh says. “He loves us and He wants us to learn while we’re here, and He trusts that we are going to make the right choice. I think that, as youth in the Church, we are constantly asking questions and wondering why we’re not getting answers, but sometimes we just need to be patient.”

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