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    New Music Spotlight: It’s Not About You

    “It’s Not About You” is just one song from the 2016 Mutual theme album!

    Stream the album on the youth music player or on Spotify.

    The 2016 Mutual theme album is a collection of songs written by Latter-day Saint youth about staying true to our beliefs in today’s ever-changing world.


    The message of Davis Handley’s song is that we’re put on this earth to help people.

    “It’s not about us,” Davis said. “The less we think about ourselves, the better our lives will be. I think this is important for youth to know because we have a lot of talents and abilities, and if we look beyond ourselves, we can do a lot of good.”

    Last summer, Davis visited Martin’s Cove, a historic site in Wyoming. While participating in a handcart trek to commemorate the pioneers, he saw a woman struggling to pull a handcart up a hill. Davis and some of the other men jumped down and helped her reach the top. When they got to the top, everyone was crying.

    “That helped me and everyone else realize how important it is to serve,” Davis said. “I learned that as a priesthood holder, I always need to be ready to help people. And I can make a difference. If I am worthy, I can be an instrument in the Lord’s hands.”

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