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    Have You Heard About My Plan?

    Jenny Poffenbarger

    You serve a mission. Then what?

    A new online course for missionaries, called My Plan, will start in August. Basically, it helps missionaries create a plan for how they will continue to follow Christ as they make decisions about schooling, careers, marriage, family, and other choices after they return from serving.

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    What is My Plan?

    The course has eight lessons on the Missionary Portal site. The first lesson should be done after receiving a mission call and before entering the MTC, the second lesson halfway through the mission, and others during the last transfer.

    Creating the plan

    A mission can be a powerful experience. The way you live while serving helps draw you away from the world and brings you closer to your Savior. My Plan helps you set goals and make plans before returning that will help you continue to live what you have learned after you return.

    Mission presidents will go over the plan with missionaries during exit interviews.

    The follow-up

    Returning missionaries can share their plans with their stake presidents, parents, local Church leaders, and other people they trust to help. Parents and Church leaders follow up and support missionaries in the goals and plans that they create. Part of My Plan is to surround you with people who will help you maintain the goals you have set.

    The MTC for the rest of your life

    Steven Peterson, president of the South Weber Utah Stake and former mission president, explained it this way: “If you forget what you learned on your mission, what was the point? The fact is that the mission is the MTC for the rest of your life. The mission shouldn’t stand out as a unique opportunity. It just prepares us for everything else we have to do.”

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