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    My Conference Experience: A New Prophet

    Jess Verzello

    Youth from around the world testify of what they learned during the April 2018 general conference.

    Wow! What an amazing conference! So many of you sent us your notes, testimonies, and insights of what you learned this past general conference that we couldn’t fit all of them in the New Era. Never fear! That’s why the internet is here! Over the next few months, we’re going to publish your conference experiences right here. We hope you feel inspired to review the things that you felt and wrote as you prepare for the next general conference.

    It Finally Clicked

    This general conference was really special to me. It was the first time I have ever sustained a new prophet. After President Monson passed away, it hadn’t really clicked to me that President Nelson really was the new prophet. After this general conference, it finally sunk in that President Nelson is the prophet. I loved when everyone sustained him. It was amazing seeing so many hands raise to support our new prophet. Now when I think of the prophet, I think of President Russell M. Nelson.
    — Zoe P., 14, Arizona, USA

    A Peaceful and Excited Feeling

    I had such a peaceful and excited feeling as the entire Church stood to sustain the prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. As the choir sang “We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice,” the Spirit confirmed to me that great things await The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with this new First Presidency. I know that this Church is under the direction of Jesus Christ Himself, working through His leaders.
    — Brianne C., 16, Utah

    Standing to Sustain

    I learned that during a solemn assembly, members stand up, wherever they are, and sustain the new prophet. It’s a really special feeling when you get to stand up and sustain the prophet and covenant to support and follow him and the direction he gives from God. Even though I was at my home during this sacred occasion, I could really feel the Spirit! I know that President Russell M. Nelson is a prophet called by God to lead and guide the Lord’s Church.
    — Kelby J., 15, Utah

    I Felt the Spirit Every Time He Spoke

    I loved hearing President Nelson speak, even when he was just giving a small address. I’m so grateful for the gift of a latter-day prophet who gives us revelation and counsel from God. I could feel the Spirit every time he spoke, and I know that he is called of God and prepared by Him.
    — Tenea H., 18, Canada

    I Couldn’t Wait for My Turn

    There was something so pure and powerful about seeing the Apostles stand and sustain President Nelson. There was a beautiful sense of unity, and I couldn't wait for my turn to sustain the prophet. I was a little worried after President Monson passed away that I’d be skeptical or confused with that large of a change, but all I felt was peace, and the Spirit testified to me that President Nelson is a prophet of God and they both love each of us so very much.
    Bethany M., 17, Idaho

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