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    Mutual Album Spotlight: “What Family Means to Me”

    Jaeden Vaifanua

    What’s the story behind the song “What Family Means to Me”?

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    When I started writing “What Family Means to Me,” I wrote down a bunch of stuff about my family. There’s a lot of stuff in my song that I really loved that is special to me about my family about stuff that we do. I spend a lot of time with my family, and that’s a super special thing. My family’s really special to me, so that was perfect. And it went from there.

    Like road-trip driving til the break of dawn,
    Off-key singing to our favorite songs,
    Jumping and yelling cheering our favorite team,
    Grandma’s cooking and late­-night games

    Jaeden Vaifanua

    One of my favorite lines in the whole song is in the chorus. It talks about “road-trip driving til the break of dawn, off-key singing to our favorite songs.” That’s my favorite part because it paints a picture of my family. We travel a lot, and every time I sing it, I just think of us and having jam sessions in the car and just being with my brothers and sisters. I love it.

    Good advice and making mistakes
    Then forgiving, forgetting, and loving through everything
    That’s what family means to me

    I also like the line “good advice and making mistakes.” My family is my support system. I know I can get get good advice from my family, but it’s still OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to trip sometimes. For me it’s always comforting to know that I can mess up and my family will still be there for me no matter what.

    Knowing we’d never ever wanna change a thing
    That’s what family means to me.

    I’m half Samoan, and almost everyone in my family is musical. So growing up we would always get together as a family and have our talent shows. We always ended them with a hymn. Usually we sang “Love at Home,” first in English and then in Samoan. It’s like the theme song for our family, and I always feel the Spirit when we sing it together. I’ve loved writing another song about the most important thing to me: my family.

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