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    Mutual Album Spotlight: “Priceless”

    What’s the story behind “Priceless”?

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    Have you ever felt like no one cares about you? Have you ever felt worthless? If you have, you might want to listen to “Priceless,” from the 2017 Mutual theme album.

    You’re worth more than gold, it’s deep in your soul.
    Since the day you were born, you are priceless.

    And that will never change, you are priceless.

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    Dylan Manzanares, 18, wrote “Priceless” because he feels it’s important for every child of God to remember that no matter what anyone else thinks of them, the only opinion that matters is God's.

    “And He loves everyone,” he says. “We are all priceless in His eyes.”

    So, no matter what you’ve heard, don’t forget who made you.
    And all the riches in all the world would never, ever replace you.

    Dylan is now serving in the Montevideo Uruguay Mission, and remembering to focus on how God sees him continues to help him.

    “When we always remember that we are priceless in the sight of Heavenly Father, it's much easier to keep a good attitude about serving others, especially out here in the mission field where many people reject you,” he says.

    Other things may change, but one thing always stays the same.
    You’re worth it, always worth it.

    You are priceless.

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