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    Mutual Album Spotlight: “Healing Water”

    Feli Ika You can hear Feli on the 2017 Mutual Album.

    What’s the story behind the song “Healing Water”?

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    I grew up surrounded by music. In my family, if there’s any kind of family meeting, there’s music. Everywhere we go, we have to sing a song. We just love to hear each other’s voices and realize again and again how much talent each of us has.

    I know that because of the covenants we make in this life, my family can be with me forever. That knowledge is part of my identity. I feel like “Healing Water” can be a reminder to keep our covenants. It's a blessing to have ordinances and covenants, and those covenants begin with baptism.

    And like healing water on my skin
    Rushing rivers crashing in
    Like a child I’m born again
    To start a brand new life

    Feli Ika

    I was like any other girl or boy that was baptized at 8 years old. I was excited, but when the time came to put on the baptismal jumpsuit, I got really nervous. As I stepped into the water, I was shaking. But then I remembered something. My dad had told me to pay attention to the baptismal prayer and to what I felt. And as I thought about that, I felt comforted. I felt comfort when he put me down in the water. I felt like I was under for forever, but when I came back out of the water, I could see all my family smiling at me. I saw how proud they were of me for making the decision to receive the Holy Ghost and make my baptismal covenant with Heavenly Father.

    Now that I’m older, as I look back, I feel like baptism is an opportunity to see the world and everybody in this world in a brighter and different way, thanks to the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    There’s something called forgiveness
    No matter what we’ve done
    And when I take the bread and water
    That familiar feeling comes

    I love the chorus of “Healing Water.” I feel like it’s a good reminder of how our baptism felt. As I sing it, it reminds me of how I felt when I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost, and how I feel every time I renew those covenants as I take the sacrament each week. Clean.

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