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    Mutual Album Spotlight: Choose to Stay

    What’s the story behind the song “Choose to Stay”?

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    “I’ve never really struggled with suicidal thoughts or depression, but I’ve gone through some pretty hard things,” Justin Garvin said.

    Justin Garvin

    Sadly, in just three years, Justin lost three of his friends. One passed away in an ATV accident, and two died from suicide. (Watch “Sitting on the Bench: Thoughts on Suicide Prevention.”)

    “Each time it was really hard,” Justin said. “I kinda just wanted to give up and not do anything,” Justin said. “But I realize that I shouldn’t give up. I should keep going.”

    Justin’s song on the 2017 Mutual theme album, “Choose to Stay,” focuses on suicide prevention. His school adopted the suicide-awareness motto “Choose to stay,” which is also the title of Justin’s song.

    You could choose to stay;
    You could choose to see beyond this moment,
     Hope for a better day.
    I know that life gets hard, no matter who you are.
    If you hold on, something better’s on the way.
    You could choose to stay.

    Justin has seen that there are a lot of hard moments in life but that Heavenly Father can help us have hope for the future.

    “All of my experiences with my friends passing away were really hard,” he said. “But in the end, my testimony has been strengthened.”

    Justin hopes that “Choose to Stay” will remind listeners that no matter how dark things seem, there is always hope and there is always someone who needs us in their life.

    You think that life
    Would just go on without you
     Like nothing changed,
    But you’re a part
    Of a bigger picture.
    It wouldn’t be the same.

    “I kind of just want to try and make a difference,” he said. “If I can only help one person with this song, and help them make a difference in their life, then it’s all worth it. My job is done.”

    Listen to Justin Tait sing “Choose to Stay” with Lindsey Tait!

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