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    Light the World: December 15–21

    25 Days, 25 Ways to Light the World.

    For each December day until Christmas, a teaching of Jesus Christ is highlighted, followed by a question and a suggestion.

    December 15: “Blessed are the merciful.”

    Matthew 5:7

    Know a family struggling to make ends meet?

    Come up with a plan to make their Christmas special and then fulfill your plan.

    December 16: “[I was] naked, and ye clothed me.”

    Matthew 25:36

    Do you or those around you have more than you need to stay warm?

    Collect old (or new) winter coats, gloves, and hats for your local homeless shelter.

    December 17: “Pray in your families. … Ye shall meet together oft.”

    3 Nephi 18:21–22

    Has it been a while since you came together as a family?

    Sunday is a great day for family time. Schedule time to share your favorite Christmas memories with each other.

    December 18: “Ye must watch and pray always.”

    3 Nephi 18:15

    Has something small or big worked out for you today?

    Recognize God’s blessings by giving thanks to Him.

    December 19: “Rejoice, and be exceeding glad.”

    Matthew 5:12

    When was the last time you celebrated someone else’s accomplishments?

    Find somebody who doesn’t receive thanks that often, and make their day amazing.

    December 20: “A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”

    Luke 12:15

    Who has made your life more meaningful?

    Give the gift of time. Plan something to do together with them and make a new memory.

    December 21: “Forgive men their trespasses.”

    Matthew 6:14

    Does someone really get on your nerves?

    Write down all of that person’s positive qualities, and then try to imagine how God sees that person.

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