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    LDS Musical Artists Answered Your Questions

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    LDS musical artists Lexi Walker, Nicole Luz, Patch Crowe, and Madilyn Page are used to captivating audiences with their voices—but it’s usually in the form of a song. During the Face to Face event on October 11, 2017, though, youth from around the world tuned in to hear them respond to their questions.

    Musical Artists

    There were plenty of songs to go around, though. The event kicked off with the song “When You Believe,” from the popular animated film The Prince of Egypt.

    Youth from around the world submitted thousands of questions, but the most common one was how the singers were able to stay true to their values despite the wickedness of the world. Everyone experiences pressure to conform, but perhaps these public figures feel it most acutely.

    But, as Lexi explained, “I think that’s something that everybody has to deal with. For me, I like to make the decision beforehand.” That way, when difficult situations arise, the path is already clear.

    Youth wanted to know how these singers have been able to radiate confidence despite the intense pressure of the media industry.

    Madilyn Page

    “Real worth doesn’t come from what the world thinks about me; it comes from what God thinks about me,” Madilyn said. Then she stood up and sang her original song “Irreplaceable,” which echoed the idea that each soul is unique and valuable in God’s eyes.

    Patch, who served in the Scotland/Ireland Mission, told the story of how he decided to serve a mission. As he related, he was living in Nashville, practicing with his band, when he had the distinct impression that he needed to serve a mission. For youth trying to make the decision, he testified that if they pray to God, “He’s going to tell you what you need to do.”

    Though failure is not something we might typically associate with these successful public figures, life will be hard for everyone. The final question was about how they have relied on their faith in Christ to rise above challenges. Nicole said that when all is said and done, she wants to be able to say, “I stayed by my Heavenly Father’s side.”

    To finish the event, all four singers joined together in a powerful rendition of the familiar hymn “Come, Come, Ye Saints.” It was the perfect way to echo their words from the broadcast, which emphasized how their faith in Christ has guided them through difficult times.

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