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    Introducing the New General Conference Notebook!

    Jess Verzello

    General conference: oh, so inspired!

    There are many different kinds of note-takers. You have:

    • The super-organized-takes-notes-every-time-in-the-same-notebook people.
    • The grab-whatever-is-closest-to-write-on people.
    • The maybe-takes-notes-if-I-feel-like-it people.
    • The you-couldn’t-pay-me-to-take-notes people.
    • The I-just-like-to-listen-and-absorb-knowledge-via-osmosis people.

     … and the list goes on.

    Maybe you’re on this list, maybe not. But whatever kind of note-taker you are, you’re going to want to check out the General Conference Notebook.

    This notebook is made just for you! It is full of cool facts and maybe some things you didn’t know: What’s a solemn assembly? And what’s the difference between General Authorities and General Auxiliaries? There’s also plenty of space for you to be creative while taking notes. And don’t miss the five ways to learn from general conference—like writing down your questions before conference even starts.

    The most important thing is to get inspired! General conference is an amazing opportunity to listen to Church leaders. And it’s a chance for you to receive and act upon personal revelation. Help bring the Spirit into your life by taking notes and actively participating this conference.

    If you’re a New Era subscriber, then your April issue will come with the new notebook. If you don’t have the New Era delivered to you every month, don’t worry! You can download and print off your very own General Conference Notebook for free!

    Share your notes by using the hashtag #LDSconf, direct messaging @LDSyouth on Instagram, or emailing them to

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