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    Introducing the 2017 Mutual Album!

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    What’s on the 2017 Mutual album? Check it out!

    Have you heard the 2017 Mutual theme song?

    If not, you need to check it out!



    Have you heard the rest of the 2017 Mutual album? If not, you guessed it: you need to check it out.

    Every year, youth collaborate and write songs just for you. Some are upbeat and catchy, like “Better Life” by Helga Camín and “I Hear His Voice” by Nefi Hernández, and some are slower and more soothing, like “Healing Water” by Feli Ika and “Thy Will Be Done” by Kyle Vorkink.

    All are about facing life and living the gospel as a teenager.

    James Han, who sings the theme song, “Ask of God,” says he has “a strong testimony that prayer works and that Heavenly Father loves us all unconditionally.”

    Music is one way James shares his testimony, and it’s one way you can too. Do you feel like any of the songs were written for you? Tell your friends about it or share it on social media.

    You can download the MP3 tracks, lyrics, and sheet music for each song directly from the theme page. You can also find the 2017 Mutual album on Spotify.

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