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    International Art Competition for Youth

    What does the 2012 Mutual theme, “Arise and Shine Forth,” mean to you?

    Youth from around the world had an opportunity to answer that question when the Church History Museum invited them to participate in the museum’s first International Art Competition specifically for youth. Young men and women were challenged to express their interpretation of the 2012 theme through their original art.

    Following two rounds of judging, winners were chosen from more than 400 submissions. The winning entries will be showcased during an exhibit at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City from November 16, 2012, through June 17, 2013.

    As part of the competition, interviewed a few of the artists about their entries to the competition. You can read about each of these youth and their artwork by clicking on the links below.

    To learn more about the competition and see a gallery of the exhibit, visit the art competition website.

    Helping Others See the Way

    Artwork: “Light Your Fire”—Oil on canvas
    Artist: Vivienne Meissner, age 16, Austria
    Vivienne says that to portray the competition’s theme, “I chose the theme of a young woman who is helping her little sister to find her way in the darkness.”

    Read more about Vivienne and her artwork

    Eternal Family Connections

    Artwork: “He Lives”—Oil on canvas
    Artist: Hannah Marie Mathison, age 16, Utah
    Hannah says: “When I think about arising and shining forth, I think about the temple. My painting is about the light of the temple.”

    Read more about Hannah and her artwork

    Seminary Brings Blessings

    Artwork: “On the way to Early-Morning Seminary”
    Artist: Chih Yun Chang, age 16, Taiwan
    “For the International Art Competition for Youth, I chose to paint a Chinese-style ink painting,” Chih-yun says. I hope that Church members worldwide will feel the uniqueness and beauty of the Chinese ink painting.”

    Read more about Chih Yun and her artwork

    Finding Your Family’s Root

    Artwork: “They Without Us Will Sit in Darkness”—Acrylic on wood
    Artist: Chris McConkie, age 16, Utah
    Chris says about his painting: “I used young men and women … as the figures in the piece in the hope that other youth who see my artwork will … feel compelled to do their genealogy.”

    Read more about Chris and his artwork

    Sharing Your Testimony with Friends

    Artwork: “By Small and Simple Things”—Textured acrylic paint on canvas
    Artist: Nicole Morales Hermosa, age 17, Philippines
    “This painting is about a Laurel who lets her light shine as she shares the gospel with a friend,” Nicole says.

    Read more about Nicole and her artwork


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