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    These youth found answers to their questions, and so can you!

    You’ve probably heard that writing down a few questions you have is a great way to prepare for general conference. When you do, “answers to your specific prayers may come directly from a particular talk or from a specific phrase,” said Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “At other times answers may come in a seemingly unrelated word, phrase, or song” (“General Conference—No Ordinary Blessing,” Ensign, Sept. 2011, 4).

    Well, these youth did just that and were blessed to receive answers to their questions!

    Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Esther F.

    In his talk, “Wounded,” Elder Neil L. Andersen said that trials and difficulties come to everyone and are a part of the learning we receive from this mortal experience.

    I have a little sister named Annelise, and she has an extremely rare muscle and metabolic disorder. She gets fatigued very easily so she can’t do things like ride a bike, run, or jump on a trampoline. Even so, Annelise is a very happy girl and is always smiling! She is a true warrior. She has taught me a lot about patience and endurance. I know that she is a very special daughter of Heavenly Father and that He loves her, protects her, and blesses her a lot.

    I learned from Elder Andersen that we are going to be wounded during the battle of life, both spiritually and physically, so we must be prepared. But Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. Elder Andersen said that there is no sorrow on earth that heaven cannot cure. I have seen miracles happening in my life because of my family’s unshakable faith, hope, and love for the gospel and our Savior. Prayer and repentance are also powerful medicines that will help us during this battle. So, like Annelise, we can keep smiling!

    —Esther F., 18, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    How can I make up with a friend?

    Angel P.

    This conference I prayed to learn more about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Hearing Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, I felt that my prayers about reconciling with a friend of mine were answered. I learned that I should control my frustration and learn to forgive because everyone is a child of God and we have to strive to follow His way, leaving pride behind. I feel grateful to have prophets that help us be closer to our Father in Heaven and to know through them what is the correct name of the Church. I am excited to visit God’s sheep; to work in ministering with my companion, my father; and to visit young men so that they can return to God’s path.

    — Angel P, 16, Lima, Peru

    What does it really mean to minister?

    Agustina A.

    I want to learn more about ministering. I’ve heard about the topic, but I still don’t understand it completely. Like an answer to my prayers, there were several talks that spoke about this, like Sister Bonnie Cordon, who said that we are shepherds to some people who are lost and need our care. We should serve our sheep. We should watch over our sheep. We should want everything to be okay with our sheep. Whether they are strong or weak, afflicted or happy, we should make sure that our sheep never walk alone. I need to focus more on serving others and ministering to the people I am assigned to.

    — Agustina A., 17, Bogotá, Colombia

    What should I do after high school?

    I have been struggling with what I want to do after my graduation this year, and I did not know what I needed to do. With all of this confusion and anxiety going on in my life, I remembered that general conference was coming up and I needed to prepare for it. I went to the temple once or twice a week, read my scriptures, and prayed to receive an answer to my question about what I should do after high school. While I was watching the first Saturday session, I felt prompted to get out my journal and write down my thoughts and impressions. In Brother M. Joseph Brough’s talk, he spoke about the time when both he and his daughter felt prompted that she should serve a mission, and the Spirit struck me more than it ever has before. I felt overwhelmed with peace and comfort at the thought of serving a mission. Because I prepared for receiving revelation for this conference, I received an answer to a question that was giving me stress and anxiety. Now I know that I need to serve a mission and share the Light of Christ to the world. I urge all of you to watch general conference with a question in mind, and you will be amazed by the promptings and revelation you will receive.

    — Chloe Neus, 17, Arizona, USA

    Just because general conference is over doesn’t mean you can’t find answers to your own questions now. Write down a few questions you’d like answers to and start prayerfully studying the conference messages! Take your time. When we ask questions in faith and with a sincere desire to learn (see Moroni 10:4), the Lord will bless us with His Spirit and guide us to answers in the right way and the right time.

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