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    “How do I make good friends? I try to be nice, but they turn me away!”

    Here are nine youth who have wondered how to make friends too. What do they have to say?

    Feeling like you don’t have many friends is hard. Sometimes you may feel alone, but remember that you are a loved child of Heavenly Father. You can turn to Him for help and guidance, especially as you work to make good friends. Your family can also be a great strength to you and can be your longest-lasting friends. Be patient! Making lasting friends may take some time and effort, but it will be worth it.

    Here are nine youth who have wondered how to make friends too. What do they have to say?


    1. Don’t give up! Keep looking.

    Sometimes people won’t accept who you are. They may turn you away because you are different, have different beliefs and standards, or they are jealous of unique qualities you have. Continue to be a good friend, and continue to be nice. If they still turn you away, find other people who accept who you are and have your standards. Ask Heavenly Father to help you find good friends and to be nice to those who turn you away.

    Jessie G., 14, Idaho, USA


    2. Smile.

    Smile! How people see you affects if they want to get to know you. This doesn’t mean you need to change your clothes or attitude. Just smile to let others know that you are open to conversations. A smile can go a long way.

    Joni J., 17, Utah, USA


    3. Treat everyone with kindness.

    Treat everyone with kindness, respect, and love. Show an interest and that you care about them. Find friends who will help you to obey the commandments of God.

    Fidel Ford M., 14, Philippines

    4. Serve others.

    Being nice is definitely a good way to start. I believe that if you try to serve others around you, then they will react and be nice in return. The people that respond warmly to your kindness will be the friends you want to have.

    Kendall C., 17, Washington, USA

    5. Find people with common interests with you.

    Find people who have common interests with you. That doesn’t mean that you drop your standards or change who you are, but try to find people who like the same things you do.

    James G., 16, California, USA


    6. Continue to be kind.

    Continue to be kind. Try to be a good example to them.

    David S., 14, Utah, USA



    7. Be genuinely interested.

    Being genuinely interested in other people helps them trust you and want to get to know you better.

    Jane M., 16, California, USA


    8. Be the kind of friend you would want.

    If you want good friends, you have to be a good friend. You show people what you think of yourself and your values by the way you act and dress. Act the way you want people to act around you. Be the kind of friend you would want.

    Emma H., 18, Utah, USA

    True Friends

    “True friendships are based on love of God and sharing that love with others. … To have friends who live high standards, who stand for virtue and goodness, who are faithful and true to their covenants, you must be such a person to them.”

    —Elder Ronald A. Rasband

    9. Put yourself out there.

    Put yourself out there. I have moved many times and have learned that people are just as nervous as you are to make new friends. So be the one to talk to others and get to know them.

    Aubrey A., 14, Colorado, USA



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