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    Face to Face with Musical Artists

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    Join the first musical Face to Face event!

    On October 11 at 6:00 p.m. MDT, join us for a question-and-answer session with musical artists Lexi Walker, Nicole Luz, Patch Crowe, and Madilyn Paige. You can share your questions by posting them on the event page or on social media using #LDSFace2Face.

    But this won’t just be a night of answers. Get ready for a night of music too! In addition to answering your questions, each guest will perform several songs.

    But who are these guests?

    Lexi Walker

    Lexi Walker: Lexi believes that music conveys what’s in her heart. She has performed all over the world and with artists such as BYU Vocal Point, the Piano Guys, and Lindsey Stirling. Whenever and whatever she sings, she hopes she can uplift others. Find out more about Lexi at

    Madilyn Paige

    Madilyn Paige: After competing on The Voice at age 16, Madilyn released her first EP, which includes her single “Irreplaceable.” She now enjoys sharing messages of self-worth through speaking and singing to youth. Madilyn is also working on a new album of her own original songs.

    Patch Crowe

    Patch Crowe: Patch started his music career putting on Jackson 5 concerts for his stuffed animals. He made the transition to more enthusiastic audiences when he became a member of Beyond 5. In 2015 he went on his greatest adventure yet as a missionary in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. He is excited to share his love and testimony in new ways when he returns home.

    Nicole Luz

    Nicole Luz: Nicole starred in the Brazilian version of American Idol (Ídolos) when she was only nine years old. At age 13 she was on Brazil’s version of The Voice Kid, and last year, Nicole participated in an international talent competition against 500 youth from 80 countries. She was named the first runner-up as best singer in the teen category. Nicole also performed a song from the 2017 Mutual Theme album.

    As these young artists demonstrate, you can use your gifts to help uplift others. As you listen to their words, think about what talents you have and how you can use them to help others.

    Music is a wonderful way to share the gospel and uplift others—and yourself. Just think about the impact music has on your life.

    “I believe that Heavenly Father allows us to experience music to enhance our lives,” Patch said.

    “Music makes you feel alive.”

    Like Patch, Lexi also feels that music can be a gift and can lift you up.

    “So much of my testimony has been built because of various experiences I have had through music,” said Lexi. “For me, music connects me to the Spirit like nothing else, whether I’m singing or listening. If you want to strengthen your testimony, listen to music with lyrics that lift and inspire. Listen to hymns and other Church music because true principles of the gospel are easier to remember when there is a melody attached.” (Check out the 2017 Mutual album.)

    See what else Patch and Lexi, along with Madilyn and Nicole have to say at the first music Face to Face event on October 11 at 6:00 p.m. MDT.

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