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    Face to Face with Lindsey Stirling

    The second event in the Face to Face series, this is something you won’t want to miss!

    Join with youth from around the world in a live, interactive discussion with violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling, moderated by Young Women general president Bonnie L. Oscarson and Young Men general president David L. Beck. This will be the second event in the Face to Face series. Experience the first event with David Archuleta.

    Sister Oscarson said, “One of the most fun things about our live Facebook events is the chance for our youth to interact with our guest artist by sending in their own questions for Lindsey to answer.” You can ask Lindsey questions during the event, which will be streamed live across the Internet. You can also submit questions for Lindsey below or on the Youth Activities page or Facebook page.

    “God didn’t send us to earth to just blend in. We are here to share what makes us unique.” —Lindsey Stirling

    Lindsey will talk about overcoming trials, embracing who you are, and not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lindsey said, “I was told by so many people that I wouldn't succeed because I was too different. Ironically, the very reason that people watch my channel and travel thousands of miles to see a show … is because it’s different. God didn’t send us to earth to just blend in. We are here to share what makes us unique.”

    Lindsey will perform live songs at the event—one of which will be a duet featuring special guest Lexi Walker.

    Brother Beck said, “Maybe the most exciting thing about the Face to Face events is the outreach opportunity they represent. I hope the youth will invite their friends to listen to Lindsey Stirling’s testimony and her music. They will feel the Spirit and be uplifted by Lindsey’s remarkable story of faith.”

    Submit questions, plan a Mutual activity, invite friends of other faiths, and have a blast spending time with Lindsey Stirling and youth from around the world at this live Face to Face event.

    The event will be streamed live on November 25, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. MST. You can watch the event on Facebook, the Youth Activities page, and Mormon Channel.

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