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    Every Invitation Is Missionary Success

    You can be a successful member missionary simply by inviting others to join in things you’re already doing.

    A lot of members get down on themselves because, for as much as they’ve invited friends to learn more, none of them have been baptized.

    Because we can’t control what someone chooses to do, we shouldn’t measure our success by whether or not a friend accepts our invitation, but that we extended the invitation.

    How do I begin to share what I know with others?

    The truth is, just by living the gospel you’ll create opportunities to share it with others. At some point a friend will probably ask you questions about what you do and why, such as “Why can’t you come over on Monday night?” or “Why do you get up so early to read scriptures?”

    When that happens, answer honestly and trust the Lord to help you to know what to say (see D&C 33:10). This allows the Holy Ghost to testify.

    Then extend an invitation to join with you and let your friend exercise agency. You could simply ask, “Would you like to join us for a family home evening?” or “Would you like to attend a scripture study class called seminary?”

    Come and Feel the Spirit

    By Matthew R.

    During the past year I’ve become friends with a young woman who belongs to another faith. As we became better friends, I repeatedly felt the promptings of the Spirit that I needed to share the gospel with her.

    I began inviting my friend over to my house to spend time with my family and to feel the Spirit. I know that it was the strength of my family and the spirit in our home that made her want to know more about the Church, because she soon wanted to know why we were so happy. After a few weeks, I gave her a Book of Mormon with my testimony written in the front, and she has begun attending church in her area.

    Preparing for Sharing

    Of course, sharing the gospel is always easier when you’ve studied, found answers, and practiced answering questions. Such opportunities are available in Sunday School and in Aaronic Priesthood quorums and Young Women classes as you study Come, Follow Me. Preach My Gospel also contains easy-to-understand explanations of Church doctrines and examples of how to teach them effectively.

    No Need to Panic

    By Tanner J.

    In my sophomore year of high school, after I had been learning and teaching from Preach My Gospel, a friend of mine came up to me during weight-lifting class and said, “Hey, Tanner, you’re Mormon, right?”

    A little nervous, I answered, “Yeah, I am.”

    “Can you answer a couple questions for me about your Church?” he asked.

    I started to panic. What if I didn’t know the answers to his questions, or what if I just sounded stupid? Then I thought about it for a minute: “I’ve done this before. I’ve practiced. It’s no big deal.”

    Because of what I had already learned and practiced, I was able to answer some of his questions and point him in the right direction. He got in touch with the missionaries and was later baptized and served a mission.

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