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    Elder Stevenson in 90 Seconds

    How well do you know Elder Gary E. Stevenson?

    Quick Facts:

    He is married to Lesa Jean Higley

    Gary and Lesa met in an Old Testament course at Utah State University. They were married in 1979 and have four sons.

    Elder Gary E Stevenson

    He calls Asia his “second home.”

    Elder Stevenson has spent more than nine years in Asia. He served his full-time mission in the Japan Fukuoka Mission. He later returned many times on business and then served as mission president of the Japan Nagoya Mission (2004–2007) and as Area President of the Asia North Area (2008–2012). “It’s really my second home,” he said. “I’m very, very comfortable in Asia.

    He loves skiing and snowboarding.

    Elder Stevenson and his family love skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and just being outdoors together. He also shared stories about athletes from the 2014 Olympic Winter Games to encourage youth in his April 2014 general conference address, “Your Four Minutes.”

    Cofounded Icon Health & Fitness, Inc.

    Elder Stevenson cofounded and worked as the chief operating officer of ICON Health & Fitness, an exercise-equipment manufacturing company. He also served on the Marriott School of Management National Advisory Council and the Utah State University Foundation Board.


    After being sustained as an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Stevenson taught us about doing what we can:

    “As I agonized over my inadequacies this week, I received a distinct impression which both chastened and comforted me: to focus not on what I can’t do but rather on what I can do. I can testify of the plain and precious truths of the gospel.

    “These are words which I have shared hundreds of times with both those who belong to the Church and many who are not members: ‘God is our Heavenly Father. We are His children. … He weeps with us when we suffer and rejoices when we do what is right. He wants to communicate with us, and we can communicate with Him through sincere prayer. … Heavenly Father has provided us, His children, with a way to … return to live in His presence. Central to our Heavenly Father’s plan is Jesus Christ’s Atonement’ (Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service (2004), 31–32).”

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