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    Elder and Sister Bednar Answered Your Questions!

    Missed the live event? Catch up on it here!

    In a historic event, Elder and Sister Bednar answered questions from youth from all over the world.

    Thousands of youth joined in and submitted thousands of questions for the Apostle and his wife to answer. Elder Bednar said it must have been the “largest Mutual activity in the history of the restored Church.”

    Of course, Elder and Sister Bednar could not answer every submitted question, but Elder Bednar expressed the hope that the youth would receive much more than he and his wife were able to say.

    “As together we interact, seeking for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, then people will … receive impressions and inspiration by the power of the Holy Ghost and they will hear things that are not said,” he said.

    Throughout the night the Bednars answered questions the youth submitted before and during the event. Together, they answered questions about how they met, how to deal with opposition, what it’s like to be an Apostle of the Lord, and many more topics.

    “It was great to talk to an Apostle one-on-one,” said Alex Lyon, a young man who attended the live event. “Instead of being behind a podium, he was there with us. It was such a spiritual opportunity, and he and Sister Bednar gave me lots of ideas and answers to questions I’ve been dealing with for a while.”

    The Bednars guided the youth to seek their own answers by turning to the scriptures, and they counseled the youth about how to better recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    “When you have questions, you need to make sure that you include the Lord as your partner in seeking answers,“ said Sister Bednar.

    But remember that answers don’t come all at once.

    “Most answers from the Holy Ghost come a little bit at a time,” Elder Bednar said.

    Kara Andersen was amazed to hear many of her own questions answered, and she resolved to do even better at seeking guidance from the Lord.

    “A lot of the answers the Bednars gave referenced scriptures,” she said. “I know that the scriptures are a great tool, but I don’t think I use them as well as I could when searching for my own answers. I’m going to start using a study notebook as I study. I will write down my questions before I read.”

    After bearing their testimonies, the Bednars expressed their hope that the youth would receive their answers by the power of the Holy Ghost.

    “As you ask, seek, [and] knock, you may have the assurance to know that there will come an answer,” Elder Bednar promised.

    Watch the entire event on the Youth Activities website.

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