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    Conference Cards: Quotes for Youth

    Use these cards to help you remember messages from conference.

    In the April 2012 general conference we heard many things from the prophets and apostles. To remember and apply some of what you’ve learned, you can use these cards, which highlight four quotes from conference. You can find them in the May 2012 New Era, or you can download a PDF of them at the bottom of this page and print them yourself.

    Here are a few suggestions of how you could use these cards to remember conference messages and share them with others:

    • Put them up in your locker at school or in your room.
    • Glue them to a magnet to put on your fridge (remember to display both sides of the card to get the full quote).
    • Laminate them and use them as bookmarks for your scriptures or other books you are reading.
    • Use them as a handout for family home evening, a Church class, or a seminary devotional. To make your handout more durable, print the front and back of the cards and glue them onto two sides of heavy paper.
    • Use the cards to decorate your journal or conference notebook.
    • Share the cards electronically by e-mail or social media.

    If you have more ideas about how to use these cards, or if you want to share other quotes from conference that inspired you, click Share your experience below.

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