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    Christmas Traditions Around the World

    How do people around the world celebrate Christmas?

    Christmas is a wonderful time for traditions! You and your family may have your own Christmas traditions, and some of them might be very different from your friends’ traditions. And they’re certainly different from the traditions of someone living on the other side of the world. And that’s ok! That’s awesome! Differences are what make the world interesting.

    Besides, no matter how we celebrate Christmas, and no matter what traditions we have, the important thing is that they remind us of Christ and help us feel and act with the love that He showed us.

    So check out these traditions from around the world. Maybe some of them are similar to what you do at Christmastime, or maybe some of them will inspire you to start a new tradition!


    One of the most popular Christmas decorations in the Philippines is a parol. This is a bamboo pole or frame with a lighted star on top. It represents the star that guided the Wise Men to baby Jesus.

    United Kingdom

    In the U.K., Christmas crackers are popular. These crackers are cardboard tubes loaded with a small amount of explosive and wrapped in colored foil that are pulled apart to reveal toys, jokes, and a paper crown inside.


    Most families have a nativity scene their home. But baby Jesus isn’t added until Christmas Eve.

    United States

    In the United States, it’s common to decorate gingerbread men or gingerbread houses with icing and candy.


    In Mozambique, Christians celebrate Christmas, but December 25 is officially called Family Day.


    Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated during their summer break.


    A traditional Christmas food in Ethiopia is wat, a thick and spicy stew with meat, eggs, and vegetables. It’s eaten on flatbread.

    What are your Christmas traditions? Share in the comments!

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