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    Celebrate by Learning Camp Skills

    Requirements for camp have changed over the years.

    The 1915 Bee-Hive Girls handbook contained requirements that could be accomplished at camp:

    • Identify 15 trees and describe them.
    • Describe 10 butterflies; identify them.
    • Build a tree house for 2 girls to sleep in.
    • Start a fire without matches or fire.
    • Describe the seagulls and their habits; tell of their historical importance in Utah.
    • Know what to do for a person whose clothing is on fire; for someone who is in deep water and cannot swim, either in summer or through ice in winter; for an open cut; for a frosted foot; for fainting.
    • Select a location and erect a tent.
    • During the week, keep your tent in order.

    Compare the requirements here with those you are required to complete at camp. Try learning one of these skills as part of your camp.

    Download a printable PDF of this article, which includes a couple of pages of requirements from the 1915 handbook.

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