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    Cards for Sunday: Plan of Salvation

    Save and share these cards about the Plan of Salvation.

    When a family member dies or when you don’t feel like you’re worth much, your knowledge of the plan of salvation can help get you through. You’ll be talking about the plan of salvation in your Sunday classes in February. Now you can give yourself and your friends an easy reminder to think about this month’s theme.

    Exaltation Is Our Goal Meme


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    We Come to This Earth Meme


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    As you study and discuss the Godhead, you may ponder these questions:

    • What is the purpose of this life?
    • How can I help others understand the purpose of this life?
    • How does knowing that God has a plan for me change the way I act?

    For some answers to these questions, read the scriptures listed in the Topical Guide under “Salvation, Plan of,” “Gospel,” and “Earth, Purpose of.” You’ll also find teachings on the commandments in October 2015 general conference talks.

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