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    Beyond the Notes

    Margot Hovley

    The words of our hymns can inspire, give hope, and teach powerful lessons.

    Music forms a big part of our Church meetings. Nearly every meeting begins and ends with a song—for good reason. It sets a definite tone, and there’s no doubt about it that the hymns have a special power to help us worship. The mere sound of a hymn can calm us and invite the Spirit.

    Fun Fact

    President Thomas S. Monson has quoted hymns 88 times (from 46 hymns) in 67 of 102 general conferences where he’s spoken (51 years, 1964–2014). President Monson has quoted the most hymns of any General Authority.

    The words of our beloved hymns have a special influence too. You can learn a lot about the gospel through their words alone.

    Have you ever thought about studying the gospel by reading the hymns? Try it sometime. Open your hymnbook, and on any page you’ll find a message about our beliefs and feelings as members of the Church.

    You can even go deeper by reading the matching scriptures at the bottom of each hymn. You could try marking your scriptures by writing the associated hymn titles in the margin.

    As you study the words of the hymns, you’ll learn truths, find comfort, and feel inspired. Listen to the words as you sing this week in church, and find the gospel lessons that are there for you. Then turn to the hymns anytime you need to clear your mind, be uplifted, get back on track, learn more about the gospel, and feel the Spirit.

    This article originally appeared in the June 2015 New Era.

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