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    Behind “We’re Just People”

    Madilyn Paige

    We’re here to help each other.

    The music from the 2015 Mutual theme album was written and performed by youth. This is Madilyn’s story about writing her song, “We’re Just People.”

    I wrote “We’re Just People” to help others realize that despite our differences, we’re not that different after all. All of God’s children are here on the earth to help each other.

    It would be a boring world if we were all exactly the same in every way—if we grew up in the same cities and countries and had the same backgrounds. If we were all alike, we wouldn’t learn anything; we wouldn’t learn to love people despite differences in values or beliefs.

    The Same Ultimate Goal

    We all lived with Heavenly Father before we were born, and now we are all here to find our way back to Him. To be able to do that, we need to help each other rather than judge each other, fight with each other, and pick at each other’s little differences.

    The gospel is the only way to return back home, but each of us has a different lesson to learn in order to get there. Everyone is going to make different mistakes; everyone has different struggles. We shouldn’t push others away, even if we don’t understand or agree with the paths they choose. We should love everyone.

    I think it can be hard to realize that we are all here with the same ultimate goal. We are not meant to let our differences get to us; we are meant to help those around us stay on the path that we’re all supposed to be on together. Don’t we all want our brothers and sisters to be able to make it back home with us?

    We’re His People

    I love when the chorus changes from “we’re just people” to “we’re His people,” because we aren’t just people. We are Heavenly Father’s children. We are brothers and sisters. We come from a holy place, and we are so much more than we realize. That slight word change from “we’re just people” to “we’re His people” shows how incredible we all are—and we don’t even realize it.

    You can listen to Madilyn’s song and the entire 2015 Mutual theme album at, on the 2015 Mutual theme page, or on the LDS Youth Mobile App on Android or iOS.

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