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    Behind “Only You”

    Micah Rindlisbacher

    God trusts you and believes that you can make a difference.

    The music from the 2015 Mutual theme album was written and performed by youth. This is Micah’s story about writing his song, “Only You.”

    “Only You” is about being God’s child—there’s only one of you, and you’re here for a specific purpose. It’s exciting to know who you are and where you came from, because then you know you’re not just another person. You are better than what the world tells you to be. You have something cool to accomplish.

    Everyone Has Worth

    I’ve seen people in my life struggle to see what they’re worth and to know who they are. There is so much social media out there—we are constantly bombarded with ideas about how we should act and what standards we should hold to. The world and the Church have completely different ideas about standards, and we are forced to pick which side we’re on.

    God sent you here, and there are certain people whose lives only you can touch.

    Some people think it’s hard to meet the standards of the Church and still be unique. But because we know that we’re children of God and that He has a specific purpose for us on this earth, it’s easier to keep the commandments and to stay true to our real selves. We know that we aren’t here by accident. There’s something bigger than just us.

    Commandments Keep You Happy

    Life is a test of our ability to follow the commandments, but this shouldn’t be a burden. It should be something cool that we came here to do—we have standards to help us be happy. When we obey them, they enable us to serve.

    If we actively serve people like the song talks about, then God can inspire us to serve better. We’ll know what people need, whether it’s just a visit to talk or something else. I know that we can be inspired to help people if we truly care about them and we have the desire to serve.

    Fulfilling Your Mission in Life

    The chorus of “Only You” says, “You were sent here from on high to do something with your life.” The song talks about us being sent here from the premortal existence to fulfill an earthly mission.

    God sent you here, and there are certain people whose lives only you can touch. No one can take your place with missionary work or with anything else. We should feel privileged that God trusts us to help His children.

    You can listen to Micah’s song and the entire 2015 Mutual theme album at or on the 2015 Mutual theme page.

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