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    Behind “Fragile”

    Anna Richey

    When we are judged and bullied by others, the Savior is there to take away our pain.

    The music from the 2015 Mutual theme album was written and performed by youth. This is Anna’s story about writing her song, “Fragile.”

    Being a high school student can be really hard, especially when other people are mean to you or judge you. It’s hard to not take their words personally.

    I wanted to write this song to help people remember that we are all fragile—we all get hurt, and we sometimes hurt each other. But if we turn to God, we can find peace.

    This song means a lot to me. I've struggled with girls being rude to me and two of my really close friends. It breaks my heart to see them hurting because of something stupid that someone says. My friends really started to believe what these people were saying about them.

    We all get hurt, and we sometimes hurt each other. But if we turn to God, we can find peace.

    What He Thinks of Us

    But you know what? God loves you. It doesn’t matter what anybody says; all that matters is what God thinks about you. I have a huge testimony of that. In my challenges I’ve learned to turn to God. I’ve become stronger by turning those hurtful comments around and thinking, “That’s not what God thinks of me.”

    The phrase “turn to God” can sound a little cliché. But it’s not. Honestly, when my heart is broken and I feel like there’s no one to turn to, I get on my knees and offer a prayer. I ask Heavenly Father to help me through it and help me know that He loves me. When I do that I feel peace, and I know everything is going to be OK. It helps me block out everything else.

    Where Is This Coming From?

    Whenever I feel discouraged, my mom always says, “Anna, where is this coming from?” Satan’s purpose is to bring us down and make us feel like there’s nothing we can do to get out of pain we are going through. But God wants us to be happy. When you pinpoint the source of that discouragement, you can turn it around and do something about it.

    A Loving Savior

    I love the line at the end of the song that says, “No matter what they say, no matter what they say, He will take your place.”

    I know if Christ were here He would do anything to take our place and to take away our pain. In fact, He did when He atoned for us. That really hits me hard. I know it hurts Him to see us hurting.

    This is a song of hope. It talks about a boy and a girl who are going through hard times where they feel like nobody notices them or they’re being bullied. The music starts out very soft, but it builds up—like hope! The music says if you endure to the end, everything will be fine.

    You can listen to Anna’s song and the entire 2015 Mutual theme album at, on the 2015 Mutual theme page, or on the LDS Youth Mobile App on Android or iOS.

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