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    9 Questions for the Greatest Generation

    Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    Elder Ballard invites you to imagine having a face-to-face interview with him. How would you answer these questions?

    What we need now is the greatest generation of young adults in the history of the Church. We need your whole heart and soul. We need vibrant, thinking, passionate young adults who know how to listen and respond to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit as you make your way through the daily trials and temptations of being a young, contemporary Latter-day Saint.

    In other words, it’s time to raise the bar not only for missionaries but also for returned missionaries and for your entire generation. To that end, please ponder in your heart your answers to these questions:

    1. Do you search the scriptures regularly?
    2. Do you kneel in prayer to talk with your Heavenly Father each morning and each night?
    3. Do you fast and donate a fast offering each month—even if you are a poor, struggling student who can’t afford to donate much?
    4. Do you think deeply about the Savior and His atoning sacrifice for you when you are asked to prepare, bless, pass, or partake of the sacrament?
    5. Do you attend your meetings and strive to keep the Sabbath day holy?
    6. Are you honest at home, school, church, and work?
    7. Are you mentally and spiritually clean? Do you avoid viewing pornography or looking at websites, magazines, movies, or apps, including Tinder or Snapchat photos, that would embarrass you if your parents, Church leaders, or the Savior Himself saw you?
    8. Are you careful with your time—avoiding inappropriate technology and social media, including video games, which can dull your spiritual sensitivity?
    9. Is there anything in your life you need to change and fix, beginning tonight?

    Thank you for this short personal visit. I hope you answered each one of these questions honestly and thoughtfully. If you find yourself lacking in any of these simple principles, then I urge you to courageously repent and bring your life back in line with gospel standards of righteous discipleship.

    Read Elder Ballard’s entire April 2015 general conference talk, “The Greatest Generation of Young Adults.”

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