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    9 Bonus Answers from Elder Rasband and Youth Leaders

    Elder Rasband, Sister Oscarson, and Brother Owen answered questions on Facebook! What did they have to say?

    After answering questions in the fifth Face to Face event, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles challenged the youth to continue seeking answers.

    “I want you to know that every one of your questions is important,” he said. “And every one of your questions can be and should be answered.”

    He counseled them to think of someone to go to for help—a parent, grandparent, teacher, even a trusted friend—and prayerfully get their questions answered.

    And then he and Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson and Brother Stephen W. Owen got on the LDS Youth Facebook page to continue helping the youth find those answers.

    Elder Rasband and others looking at a computer

    Check out some of their answers!

    1. Elder Rasband, has your testimony grown ever since you became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve? —Tyler C.

    Tyler, thanks for your question. And yes, my testimony has grown every day of my life. It’s never stagnant and you’re never finished in deepening and growing your testimony of the Lord. —Elder Ronald A. Rasband

    2. How can I have a better relationship with the Savior, who I cannot see or talk to face to face? —Olivia Q.

    I would say that one way to get to know the Savior is to read the scriptures, because then we can hear the voice of the Lord. It’s like reading a letter from a close friend. —Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

    That is why He gave us the Comforter, the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost bears testimony of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. As you feel impressions from the Holy Ghost and follow them, you will draw closer to the Savior and become more like Him. —Brother Stephen W. Owen

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    3. How can I be patient and not lose the Spirit when I’m having family problems? —Susana H.

    You should serve your family and not focus on yourself. When you serve them you will start to love them, which will take away the contention. When you love them, you will have the desire to serve them even more. Thank you for your desire to have peace in your home. —Brother Stephen W. Owen

    Check out nine ways to strengthen your family in “The Recipe for a Happy Family.”

    Brother Owen pointing at a computer

    4. I am the Laurel class president, and there is a divide between the Beehives and the older girls. How can I as a class president help the younger girls know that the older girls are their friends? —Rebecca B.

    Plan a service project where both classes are working together. If you give them a chance to focus on a shared goal rather than their differences, they can grow to be friends. (Take lots of pictures and celebrate the event later!) —Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

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    5. Elder Rasband, do the members of the Quorum of the Twelve get assigned to specific parts of the world? —Derek Y.

    Thanks for your question, Derek. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles supervises the Church all over the world together. But we do have assignments we look after. For instance, one of mine is South America South. —Elder Ronald A. Rasband

    6. What would you say to the youth that feel like they aren’t being forgiven for something? Or that they can’t feel the Spirit as much as they used to? I want to become a better person, but I feel like I don’t know how. What is your advice? —Allie Ann N.

    (Josh M., Davin G., and Andrew H. also asked about forgiveness and feeling the Spirit.)

    I would say one of the hardest things to do when we’ve made a mistake is to forgive ourselves. If you’ve truly repented, then it is time to begin to see yourself as the Savior would see you. Turning yourself outward and serving others is one of the best ways to bring the Spirit into your life. It also helps you to feel your self-worth. —Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

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    Sister Oscarson and a girl looking at a computer

    7. I’ve had some good friends of mine for about a year and a half. They’re both really great kids, but neither of them are active members of the Church. How can I invite them to the gospel without going too over the top and/or losing my friendships with them? —Jaxon B.

    (Oscar E., Izzy S., Jennyffer M., Morgan C., Savannah M., Jocelyn J., and Aiga T. also asked about the best way to share testimonies with friends.)

    Jaxon, as you continue to press forward, your example will teach them more than words could ever do. However, when you feel prompted by the Holy Ghost, don’t shy away from bearing your testimony and inviting them to come unto Christ. —Brother Stephen W. Owen

    Check out this lighthearted video about reaching out and inviting others to come unto Christ.

    8. How do I know when I am ready for my patriarchal blessing? —Grace B., Jaciane M., Kristen M., Jenyffer M., and Kameron H.

    Thanks for the question. Counsel with your parents, the bishop, and most important, go with the feelings of your own heart. But get it. —Elder Ronald A. Rasband

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    9. When faced with two possible paths I could take, how do I know which path will take me where I want to be and where the Lord wants me to be? —Berkley B.

    (Kennedy D., Sariah G., and Allred S. also asked about making difficult decisions.)

    When faced with a hard decision, we can’t always see down the road to where each path will lead us. We CAN make sure we are in line with the scriptures and the guidance of our leaders. We need to pray and listen for the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Then, we can move forward with faith and trust. —Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

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    Getting an answer directly from a leader of the Church is a pretty cool experience, but it’s only one of the ways we can find answers to our questions.

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