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    6 Ways to Get the Most Out of General Conference

    You can hear messages just for you during general conference! Here’s how.

    While general conference messages are for everyone, if you listen carefully and prayerfully, the Spirit will help you identify messages just for you.

    Here are six things you can do to receive personal messages during general conference.

    Before General Conference

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    1. Review the Promised Blessings

    God promises us many blessings when we listen to His servants. Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles listed a few of those blessings:

    • Thoughts and feelings will come into your mind that are customized especially for you.
    • You will discover a “treasure chest of heavenly direction.”
    • You will feel heaven’s hand upon you.
    • Your life will be blessed.
    • The lives of those around you will be blessed.

    (See “General Conference: The Voice of the Lord,” Ensign, Nov. 2017.)

    Read the talks from the last conference, and note the things we are counseled to do and the blessings we are promised when we do them. Consider marking all the promised blessings you find with a specific color.

    2. Get to Know the Spe​akers

    Take time to learn more about the Church leaders. You can start by reading some of their biographies on

    3. Have Questions

    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, as a member of the First Presidency, said: “As you prepare for general conference, I invite you to ponder questions you need to have answered. … Answers to your specific prayers may come directly from a particular talk or from a specific phrase. At other times answers may come in a seemingly unrelated word, phrase, or song” (“General Conference—No Ordinary Blessing,” Ensign, Sept. 2011).

    What are your questions?

    During General Conference

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    4. Seek the Spirit

    As you participate in general conference, seek to have the Spirit with you. Try your best to have a positive, grateful attitude.

    President Uchtdorf said, “A heart filled with gratitude for the blessings of life and an earnest desire to hear and follow the words of counsel will prepare the way for personal revelation (“General Conference—No Ordinary Blessing,” Ensign, Sept. 2011).

    5. Take Notes

    Elder Robert D. Hales (1932–2017) said: “When I take notes at conference, I do not always write down exactly what the speaker is saying; I note the personalized direction the Spirit is giving me. What is said is not as important as what we hear and what we feel. That is why we make an effort to experience conference in a setting where the still, small voice of the Spirit can be clearly heard, felt, and understood” (“General Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony,” Ensign, Nov. 2013).

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    After General Conference

    6. Set Goals for Study

    In the end, general conference means nothing if we don’t act on the things we learned and the answers we received. In the six months until the next conference, study the messages again, review your notes, and set goals for things you want to work on.

    • What challenges did you hear that you want to accept?
    • Were there scriptures shared you want to memorize?

    Participate in General Conference

    The 188th Annual General Conference will take place in five sessions.

    • The general sessions will be Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1, at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. MDT.
    • The general priesthood session for priesthood holders will be Saturday, March 31, at 6:00 p.m. MDT.

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