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    25 Ways in 25 Days: December 5–11

    Celebrate Christ’s birth by lighting the world in 25 ways for 25 days!

    Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. When we let our own light so shine by serving others, we help others feel Christ’s light and love (see Matthew 5:16). Christ served others in many different ways, and so can you! Each week we will post ways for you to serve others as Christ would. Celebrate Christ’s birth by lighting the world by serving in 25 ways for 25 days! You can share your experiences, testimony, and other messages on social media using #LightTheWorld.

    December 5: I will help the sick.

    Jesus healed the sick and so can you

    See Matthew 8:2–3

    Jesus Christ had unique empathy for the suffering of others. While many in His day overlooked the sick, Jesus actually sought them out. Today, we can provide comfort and love to those struggling with physical ailments—just as He did.

    • Sign up to be an organ donor. (Click here for United States; for other countries, click here.)
    • Resolve to pray daily for your loved ones who are sick or suffering.
    • Visit to find out how you can better serve those in your community.

    December 6: I will read the scriptures.

    Jesus read the scriptures and so can you

    See Luke 4:16–18

    Jesus Christ’s mastery of the scriptures began in boyhood, as He immersed Himself in the very scriptures He was fulfilling. When we search the word of God, we also can find inspiration, refuge, and power.

    • Set your alarm 15 minutes early for scripture study. These study tips will help you make the most of your personal study.
    • Post your favorite scripture on social media.
    • Text a scripture to someone who may need a boost.

    December 7: I will feed the hungry.

    Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You

    See Matthew 14:19

    When a multitude of thousands gathered to hear Jesus speak, He miraculously turned five loaves and two fishes into a meal for all, leaving none hungry. Today, it is our opportunity to do the same. Explore the many ways you can help make the Christmas season a feast for everyone.

    December 8: I will pray to God.

    Jesus taught us to pray

    See Matthew 6:9–13

    Some of Jesus Christ’s most enduring words weren’t directed to His disciples, but to His Father in Heaven as He prayed. For inspiration in our own prayers, we can look to Christ as our ultimate example.

    • Never tried praying? Here’s how.
    • Ask God how you can be an answer to someone else’s prayer.
    • When was the last time you prayed with your family? How about right now?

    December 9: I will visit the lonely.

    Jesus visited the lonely and so can you

    See Matthew 25:35–36

    Through His words and actions, Jesus taught that “the last shall be first.” With limitless compassion, He reached out to those isolated by disease, sin, and grief. When we strive to ease the loneliness of others, in the Savior’s words, “;Ye have done it unto me.”

    • Visit a nursing home. Studies show 60 percent never get visitors during their stay.
    • Look for someone who will be alone for Christmas. Invite them to attend a church service with you on Christmas day.
    • Watch this video to see how much good a simple message can do. Then send a friendly text to someone who could use a boost. No one come to mind? Pray and ask God for someone who needs a happy text.

    December 10: I will help others to walk.

    Jesus helped people to walk and so can you

    See John 5:5–9

    Jesus does not just invite us to follow Him—He gives us the power to do it. In His day, He healed those who could not walk and helped them rise physically and spiritually. Today, we live in a world that offers more ways than ever to assist those living with limited mobility, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to follow the Savior.

    • Watch this inspiring video about para-athlete Jarem Frye.
    • Donate your old crutches to a group that refurbishes them.
    • Plan an activity for a handicapped friend that caters to his or her capabilities.

    December 11: I will help children.

    Jesus ministered to children and so can you

    See Mark 10:13–14

    As we reflect upon the babe in swaddling clothes this Christmas, we should also reflect on the actions of the adult Savior, who asked His disciples to “suffer the little children to come unto me.” If He made time for them, so can we.

    • Volunteer to tutor local students.
    • As a Christmas gift, purchase a picture of Jesus Christ for a sibling or a child you know.
    • Spend time with each of your family members individually. This chart will give you some fun, gospel-related ideas for family activities.

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