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    13 Simple Service Suggestions

    Service ideas don’t always need to be done on a large scale to make a difference. Consider some of these ideas, then share your own ideas by clicking on Share your experience at the bottom of the article.

    Write a letter of thanks to your parents or a teacher at school or at church.

    Surprise your parents by washing the dishes, vacuuming, or doing other chores even when it’s not your turn.

    Visit senior citizens at a nursing home.

    Sit with someone new at school or in class at church.

    Send a thank-you note to one of your leaders after an especially meaningful lesson or activity.

    Start a book club in your area. Or help teach siblings or other children how to read.

    Teach a friend a skill, like how to change the oil in a car or how to make a friendship bracelet.

    Wake up early and secretly wash your family’s car.

    Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

    Brighten someone’s day with a smile.

    Share your copy of the New Era with a friend who does not subscribe to it.

    Offer to cook dinner for your family or a neighbor one night.

    Pick up trash in your neighborhood, such as at school or in a park.

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