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    11 Reasons to Love Elder Richard G. Scott (1928–2015)

    Check out these five fun facts about Elder Scott and six wonderful lessons he taught us!

    After a long life of service and 27 years as an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Richard G. Scott passed away on September 22, 2015. Here’s just a smattering of some of the amazing things he did and the wonderful things he taught us.

    Five Awesome Things You Never Knew about Elder Scott

    Did you know that Elder Scott was a band kid? Or that he spent a summer on an oyster boat? Check out these other facts about Elder Scott!

    1. He was a nuclear engineer.

    He even contributed to the design of the nuclear reactor for the U.S. Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine!

    2. He was a talented artist.

    When he was in his 40s, Elder Scott became fascinated with watercolor painting and decided to try it out. He got some books from the library, bought paints and brushes, and got to work. Later he signed up for lessons. Over time, his watercolor skills greatly improved. Deseret Book even featured 15 of his paintings in their downtown Salt Lake City store.

    Elder Scott painting outside


    3. He translated his own conference talks.

    Elder Scott was fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, which, he said, allowed him to speak to 86 percent of all active members in their own tongue. Before each general conference, he would prerecord his sermon in Spanish and Portuguese so that the speakers of those languages could hear his message in their language—and in his voice!

    4. He led his high school’s marching band.

    Elder Scott played the clarinet and then became the drum major of the marching band. That means he was the conductor of the whole marching band. Elder Scott later played the saxophone and clarinet in a jazz band.

    Young Elder Scott playing the clarinet


    5. He worked on an oyster boat.

    To earn money for college, 17-year-old “Scotty” joined a crew of fishermen on an oyster boat off the coast of New York. The other men often ridiculed him for not drinking—that is, until a man fell overboard and Scotty was the only one sober enough to jump in and save him!

    Six Times You Knew Elder Scott Was Talking to You

    Elder Scott always taught with such gentleness and love. It was like all his words were just for you. Here are six times we felt like Elder Scott was talking right to us.

    1. When he shared this cool trick to resist temptation.


    2. When he taught us how to find answers.



    3. When he gave this key to improving prayers.


    4. When he challenged us to reach new levels.


    5. When he shared what he learned about love from his wife, Jeanene.



    6. When he told us why we will not fail.


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