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    10 Ways to Use the 2019 Mutual Theme: “If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments”

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    Everything you need to have a great year with the 2019 Mutual theme!

    “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” —John 14:15

    You’ve probably heard this scripture before. You may even have it memorized. If not, you can probably have it memorized by the end of this article. It’s a short one. But the 2019 Mutual theme is also a very powerful one.

    “The 2019 annual youth theme is a call to action—a personal invitation from our Savior,” said the Young Women General Presidency. “Are you all in? Do you love Him? Are you willing to follow in His footsteps?”

    It’s a call to action that comes directly from the Savior. But why is our obedience so important to Him?

    “Because He loves YOU!” wrote the Young Women General Presidency. “He wants you to be happy. He wants your life to be full of joy and endless possibilities.”

    The Young Men General Presidency agree: “Choose to be obedient,” they wrote. “Your willing obedience will lead to true freedom and happiness” (see the January 2019 New Era).

    Here are 10 ways you can use the Mutual theme all year long!

    1. Have a fireside or bishop’s youth discussion to kick off the year. Discuss the theme scripture and how you will use it and apply the principles. Consider showing the 2019 Mutual theme video:

    2. Use it as the theme for your camps and other activities. There are even designs for T-shirts you can use!
    3. Recite the theme scripture at the beginning of Mutual opening exercises.
    4. Follow LDS Youth on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see inspiring messages about the theme.
    5. Find examples in the scriptures of people who obeyed the Lord even when it was difficult. What happened? Teach a family home evening lesson about it.
    6. Learn a new song on the piano! You can download sheet music to the theme song, “If We Love Him,” and all the other songs from the Mutual theme album.
    7. Download and print a poster from the theme page to keep in the classroom or in your room.
    8. Look for the theme messages in the New Era and Liahona each month!
    9. Download and listen to the youth album. Find the album on the theme page.
    10. Read an article about commandments on the Youth website. Try starting with “Commandments = Love?” “Steps to Happiness,” “On the Right Road,” and “The Savior’s Example of Obedience.”

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