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    10 Ways to Embark in the Service of God

    Check out some of these awesome service ideas that can help you “embark in the service of God.”

    Next year’s youth theme is an invitation to “embark in the service of God” (D&C 4:2). There are so many ways to serve others! Here are 10 great service activity ideas to help you start serving this holiday season or to help you plan for 2015.

    Young woman looking at wall covered with colored papers

    1. Write Secret Notes of Encouragement

    Secretly post pieces of paper with messages of encouragement and love on or near the car, front door, or yard of a ward member (such as the bishop, a new family, or a less-active family).

    Four youth walking towards a temple

    2. Accept the Temple Challenge

    Accept the worldwide challenge from Elder Neil L. Andersen to receive temple ordinances for your own ancestors. Watch the video and accept the challenge by visiting

    Young women playing in a playground

    3. Prevent and Respond to Bullying

    Learn appropriate ways to prevent and respond to bullying by role-playing different scenarios. Invite a guest speaker, share experiences, or watch the video “No Cussing Club.”

    Youth sitting in a classroom holding books

    4. Stand Up for Your Standards

    Identify several arguments people may make that are contrary to the Lord’s standards (for example, “If we’re in love, we can break the law of chastity before marriage”) and work together with other youth to make a case for the Lord’s standards, using resources such as the scriptures and For the Strength of Youth.

    One young man pushing another young man on a swing

    5. Fun for Friends with Disabilities

    Watch and discuss a video about serving those with disabilities, such as “Dayton’s Legs,” “For Madison,” or “Cheering Each Other On.” Invite youth and adults with disabilities to an activity night, such as dancing, playing games, making crafts, or getting-to-know-you games.

    Young man and older man raking leaves

    6. Learn a Useful Skill

    Ask for help to learn a new skill such as painting, babysitting, changing oil in a car, repairing a bicycle, altering dresses, or planting a garden. Plan a way to use this skill to serve others.

    Youth group holding football and frisbee outside

    7. Teach Others a Sport

    Teach others about a sport that you love, and play the sport together as a group. Consider discussing how to keep a spirit of friendship even in a competitive scenario. Discuss ways you can minimize the emphasis on winning.

    Two missionaries talking to a young man

    8. Go on Exchanges with the Missionaries

    Participate in missionary work by going with the full-time missionaries to find and teach others. Afterward, share your experience with other youth during a Mutual activity.

    Young man and woman painting a fence

    9. Paint a House

    Invite an experienced painter to demonstrate and teach the skill of house painting. Under the direction of the bishop, select a home of someone in need and arrange to paint a room, fence, wall, or other area.

    Youth group singing in a choir

    10. Create a Youth Choir

    Form a youth choir, and spend time practicing several hymns or other appropriate songs. Ask your bishop or the stake president to arrange a time for your choir to perform, such as in a Church meeting or devotional.

    Need more ideas? Visit the Youth Activities site for tons of cool activity ideas that can be easily adapted to help you fulfill the call to “embark in the service of God.”

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