Recycling and repurposing

  • Denim quilt


Make something new out of something old.


Plan an activity where you make something new and useful out of something that you would otherwise throw in the garbage. Find an old item and bring supplies that you will need to repurpose that item. You could use some of the following ideas for repurposing old items.

  • Old sweaters: cut and sew into mittens, hats, or hot pads.
  • Old T-shirts: cut up and weave into rugs or coasters.
  • Plastic bags: cut into strips and knit or crochet into anything. This type of plastic is sometimes called plarn (plastic yarn).
  • Old magazines and newspapers: cut out the pictures and make collages, or cut the pages into triangles or strips to make a paper Christmas tree.
  • Hardcover books: cut out the pages from an old book and use the hard covers to make a bag or purse.
  • Tin cans: cut decorations in the sides of the can, and place a candle inside to create a luminary or candleholder.
  • Old juice cartons: cut up and use tape to make into wallets.

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