Grow a garden

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Plant a garden and understand the role food plays in your physical health.


Plan a series of activities for your Young Women class to plant, grow, and harvest a garden. If possible in your area, you could raise chickens or other animals for meat, dairy, and animal products. Consider inviting a knowledgeable consultant to help you with these activities.

You could also plan a culminating activity, such as making a meal with the ingredients from your garden. These activities could take several weeks or months to complete. Following are some ideas for activities that can help you learn about gardening:

  • Visit a local farm or greenhouse and discuss the crops that grow best in your area. Learn how to enrich and improve the soil to help plants grow. Learn about the annual cycle for planting and harvesting.
  • Plan a garden with plants that grow best in your area. Budget for the cost of seeds and any soil-enriching materials you may need. Then buy seeds or plants, and plant your garden. Plan for regular care of the garden, such as pulling weeds and watering the plants. After you harvest your food, prepare a meal using the ingredients from your garden.
  • Donate the food that your garden produces to families in need in your community.
  • Learn how to preserve fruits and vegetables by drying or canning them. You could purchase or borrow the necessary canning materials, such as a large pot and glass jars with sealing lids.
  • Learn how to take care of chickens or other small animals, such as rabbits, that can be used for meat. If your family or someone in your area has these animals, volunteer to help care for them.
  • Plan a service project at a local farm, nursery, or botanical garden.
  • Hold a food drive for needy individuals or families in your area.
  • Help elderly people or families in need to take care of their yard or garden.
  • Visit a local agricultural college, nursery, botanical garden, or arboretum. Learn about the employment opportunities in those industries.

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